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Extensible Perl internet server

Changes for 2.013

  • Update MANIFEST for missing file
2022.12.03 01:57


Full-featured "Combo-box" (Text-entry combined with drop-down listbox) derived from Tk::BrowseEntry with many additional features and options.

Changes for 5.25

  • Fix bug causing right-arrow list search in text field to always fail.
  • Clarify -fixedlist focus behaviour & how a list can be set to both "fixed" and "bouncy" at the same time.
2022.12.03 01:46


faster version of Net::Async::Redis

Changes for 0.005 - 2022-12-03T09:20:45+08:00

  • New features
  • Bugs fixed
  • Dependencies
2022.12.03 01:21


Unix-related completion routines

Changes for 0.081 - 2022-09-08

  • [ux] Improve summaries.
2022.12.03 00:05


Debian Package Manager Perl modules
2022.12.02 23:34


Interaction with API

Changes for 0.002 - 2022-12-02T23:14:29+00:00

  • Last working version before API page update
  • Various fixes
  • Fixed rece condition in returned object type.
2022.12.02 23:23


File IO, Socket, Select/Polling.

Changes for 0.14 - 2022-12-03

  • Prerequrement Changes
  • Incompatible Document Changes
  • Document Improvement
  • Incompatible Changes
2022.12.02 23:10


base class for Number::Phone::* modules

Changes for 3.8007 - 2022-12-02

  • Data updates
2022.12.02 22:44


Substitutions for files in dzil

Changes for 0.007 - 2022-12-02T23:32:38+01:00

  • Add a mode parameter to plugin
2022.12.02 22:43


RF Antenna Pattern File Reader and Writer in Planet MSI Format

Changes for 0.10 - 2022-12-02

  • Imported functions dbd_dbi and dbi_dbd from RF::Functions whch uses 2.15 conversion factor instead of 2.14.
  • Simplified dbi logic in gain_dbd method
  • Updated all tests to pass with the FCC/Wikipedia dipole gain factor
2022.12.02 20:03



Stack Overflow – Active questions tagged [perl]

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News and Blogs

Articles on - programming news, code and culture

The Perl Foundation

Raku Advent Calendar submission deadline approaching!

The Christmas season is almost here, and that means a fresh batch of Raku Advent Calendar posts. Every year since 2009, the Raku community has hosted an annual Advent event, in the spirit of Perl and other projects, consisting of daily articles starting on the 1st of December and ending on the 25th. The Raku community has had so many great posts and, hopefully, this year will live up to that same high standard.

But, to do that, Raku needs your help: If you'd like to write a post, please sign up on the Raku Advent Calendar GitHub repo. The deadline for post submission is December 1st (next week…

2022.11.24 13:36

Maintaining Perl (Tony Cook) October 2022


Tony writes:

``` [Hours] [Activity] 2022/10/01 Saturday  0.12 github notifications  0.22 #20355 comment

 0.13 #20362 ask for more info


2022/10/03 Monday  1.05 #20207 LogFile::Read, Nagios::Cmd patches  0.23 #20207 Log::Procmail patch

 0.05 #20346 Text::PerlPP - look at test report and comment


2022/10/06 Thursday  0.07 github notifications  0.67 #20355 long comment  1.03 #20362 review new info, research and comment  0.80 #20026 research and comment  0.18 #20356 review and approve  0.30 #20290 review testing (was going to merge, but) comment on test noise  0.23 #20367 review and approve

0.30 #20309 review…
2022.11.23 09:01

TPRF to support FOSDEM Participation

One of the goals TPRF would like to achieve, now that conferences are becoming increasingly available in person, is to spread awareness of current Perl and Raku projects. In support of this goal, TPRF will be issuing a limited number of mini grants of up to $300 to participants interested in holding Perl/Raku based talks in FOSDEM 2023 dev rooms. To apply for a mini grant please send a completed application to

Please note that grants will be awarded only to those applicants whose talks are selected for FOSDEM. TPRF has made an intentional decision to not ap…

2022.11.04 18:59

Maintaining Perl (Tony Cook) September 2022


Tony writes:

``` [Hours] [Activity] 2022/09/01 Thursday 1.60 #20204 write up some tests, start on implementation

2.43 #20204 more work on implementation


2022/09/05 Monday 0.47 github notifications 0.55 #20143 research, comment 0.55 #17831 follow-up 0.50 #20207 review discussion, comment

1.72 #20204 more work on implementation


2022/09/06 Tuesday 0.15 review Coverity scan results and ask khw about it 0.40 github notifications 0.60 #20189 write up a patch in branch 20189-setjmp, push for



2022/09/07 Wednesday 0.17 #20189 look at CI failure, rebase, resubmit 1.62 #20255 review discussion, t…

2022.11.01 09:08

November Announcements from the Board - UPDATED

Yet Another Society (aka YAS, of which The Perl Foundation is a "doing business as") operates as a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the advancement of the Perl and Raku programming languages. One way Yet Another Society supports Perl and Raku is through grants. Yet Another Society has had donations given specifically for both languages. As such, it is important to recognize the relationship the foundation has with not just Perl, but also Raku. This is why, following a vote from the board, YAS will be registering a new "doing business as" called "The Perl And Raku Foundation". And will now be…

2022.10.26 12:12

Board Updates October 2022


Following nomination in July, 2022, The Perl Foundation is pleased to welcome Todd Rinaldo to the board. Todd has worked with the board for many years as a conference organizer, with the Grants Committee, and in other capacities. He is also a contributor to CPAN and Perl 5 Porters.

During his board nomination interview, Todd expressed an interest in offering assistance in the Foundation's mission to help the community, stregthening communication between the steering councils and the board, and helping the board find ways they can support The Perl and Raku Conference going forward.

We are…

2022.10.17 19:08

This Week in PSC (089)

Back to the full three of us. Not much needed looking at this week.

  • Posted the smartmatch deprecation message to p5p@; will post it to blogs etc.. after a round of responses.
  • Sent off a reminder that we're looking for help or a project manager on getting SSL support out of the box.
  • Reviewed the RFC tracker and found some that are ready to implement but not nobody has started; they are nearing their expiry time. These are:
    • ${^ENGLISH_NAME} aliases for punctuation variables
    • Optional chaining
    • Drop support for ' as package name separator
    • Template Strings (qt)
2022.12.02 21:49

Making GitHub CI work with Perl 5.8.

A while back. I got a pull request from Gabor Szabo adding a GitHub action to one of my distributions. I have been working with this, but have not (so far) blogged about it because, quite frankly, I am still not sure I know what I am doing.

One of my personal desires was to test my distributions on the oldest practicable Perl for each available architecture. For Unix (i.e. Linux and macOS) this is 5.8.8, provided the distribution itself supports that. A couple days ago, though, I pushed a modification to one of my distributions and had the 5.8.8 tests blow up.

The problem turned out to be that M…

2022.12.01 18:48

German Perl/Raku Workshop 2023 Call for Papers

The German Perl/Raku Workshop takes place from February 27 to March 1st 2023 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

We are looking for your contribution in the form a talk (20 minutes or 40 minutes), a lighting talk (5 minutes) or a workshop (2-4 hours). Please submit your proposals using this online form.

The theme in 2023 is Perl Futures - of course the two developments of Perl, Raku and Perl as well as the reference to the financial metropolis Frankfurt am Main. Presentations with these emphases are especially sought after, but all contributions on Perl, Raku and software development in general are welc…

2022.11.30 22:42

New feature: HTTPS support

The site is now served over HTTPS.

2022.11.30 04:30

Perl Weekly Challenge 193: Binary String and Odd String

These are some answers to the Week 193 of the Perl Weekly Challenge organized by Mohammad S. Anwar.

Spoiler Alert: This weekly challenge deadline is due in a few days from now (on December 4, 2022 at 23:59). This blog post offers some solutions to this challenge. Please don’t read on if you intend to complete the challenge on your own.

Task 1: Binary String

You are given an integer, $n > 0.

Write a script to find all possible binary numbers of size $n.

Example 1

Input: $n = 2
Output: 00, 11, 01, 10

Example 2

Input: $n = 3
Output: 000, 001, 010, 100, 111, 110, 101, 011

For this task, all we need to do…

2022.11.29 23:21

TWC 192: Frosting a cake without flipping the spatula

In which we refine and refactor past the point of recognition:

(  [\+] ( @a X- target )  )».abs.sum

In Raku, Perl, and Rust.

(Still editing)

TWC Task #1 - Binary Flip Task and Observations

Given a positive Int, flip all the bits.

Some possible approaches:

  1. Binary XOR
  2. Change to bitstring, tr///, change to int.
  3. Change to bitstring, split to list of chars, map with translation table, join, change to int.
  4. Loop while non-zero, examining bottom bit, setting flipped bit in result, bit-shift input and result.


  • Approach #1 requires calculating what number would be all binary 1's with the same count of bina…
2022.11.28 00:10

Perl Hacks

Containers for Coverage

I’ve been building Docker containers again. And I think you’ll find this one a little more useful than the Perlanet one I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

Several years ago I got into Travis CI and set up lots of my GitHub repos so they automatically ran the tests each time I committed to the repo. Later on, I also worked out how to tie those test runs into so I got pretty graphs of how my test coverage was looking. I gave a talk about what I had done.

But two things changed.

Firstly, Travis CI got too popular and, eventually, removed their free service. And, secondly, GitHub Actio…

2022.10.18 17:01

Not that PR, thanks

It’s October. And that means that Hacktoberfest has started. If you can get four pull requests accepted on other people’s code repositories during October then you can win a t-shirt.

In many ways, I think it’s a great idea. It encourages people to get involved in open source software. But in other ways, it can be a bit of a pain in the arse. Some people go crazy for a free t-shirt and that means you’ll almost certainly get several pull requests that aren’t really of the quality you’d hope for.

I have a particular problem that probably isn’t very common. I’ve talked before about the “semi-static…

2022.10.10 16:01

Perl Weekly newsletter

#592 - Perl Blogging?

Hi there,

We all know not many people blog about Perl anymore. Are we doing anything to get it back on track? Well, unfortunately again, nothing is happening on that front either.

But, hey, there is still hope and handful of Perl fans doing their best. One of them is our chief editor, Gabor Szabo. He has been running Perl Maven for years now and many of us benefitted from his work. He recently started blogging on Dev.To. I request all the Perl fans to follow him and like blog post. I didn't have the account there before so I decided to create personal account. Although I no longer blog at all bu…

2022.11.28 10:00

#591 - Less than 50% use CI

Hi there,

One of the best things about programming is that you can get almost immediate feedback from your work. The compiler tells you immediately if your code has syntax errors. Your tests can tell you within minutes if your code does what you expected on your computer. Your CI system can tell you within another few minutes if your code works on various other environments.

In the Perl community writing test became the norm. You rarely find any Open Source Perl code without tests. People write test even for code that only they use. Even for code they consider 'toys'. Yet with CI we are still fa…

2022.11.21 10:00

#590 - Perl & Corinna

Hi there,

Congratulation to all England cricket team fans for the T20I world cup trophy. You played like a champion in the final. Although you beat us (India) in the semi final, still I am very happy for you.

Did you hear any update about Corinna recently?

We used to get regular update earlier and I really enjoyed the discussion about the Corinna. Last week Curtis shared a tweet where he mentioned that code example has been added to I am sure you are going to love it. Thank you Curtis and the entire team of Corinna for all the hard work. We are waiting for it patiently.

There was one mo…

2022.11.14 10:00

#589 - GitHub Actions for Perl modules

Hi there!

Winter has arrived to us as well. After many months, yesterday was the first day I had to put on long trousers and socks. Tomorrow we might even get some rain. Anyway...

It is still a bit surprising to me that only about 50% of the distributions recently uploaded to CPAN have any CI configured. Look at the stats and look at the detailed report. Clearly we, in the Perl community, have been spoiled by the excellent work of the CPAN Testers and thus people feel less need to enable GitHub Actions. On the other hand by enabling GitHub Actions they could reduce the load from the (very few) C…

2022.11.07 10:00

#588 - TRPF, what’s in a name?

Hi there,

Few days ago, I came across the official announcement with regard to the name change. I saw mixed reaction on Facebook groups for Perl fans.

So what is my (personal) view on the topic?

I understand name change is not an easy decision, it must have been going on for days if not months. My view is to keep Perl and Raku separate. Having said, I like the name change at least it is better than what it was before. Since we are talking about name change, my suggestion is why not change it back to "Yet Another Society (YAS)" as it was before if I am not mistaken. Then have two separate board un…

2022.10.31 10:00

#587 - Continuous Integration for Perl modules

Hi there!

For years Perl was a long way ahead of the other languages in terms of testing the modules. The volunteers of the CPAN Testers provide an excellent service. Every time a new module or a new version of an older module is uploaded to CPAN (via PAUSE) within days and sometimes even within hours the CPAN Testers would download the new release, test it on their machines, and send a report to the author. Sometimes they would even open issues/tickets manually to report the problem and help the author(s) fix them.

These days, however, Open Source developers can use a number of free Continuous…

2022.10.24 10:00

Perl Blog

DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻: perl

SPVM::IO 0.14 is released on Perl/CPAN

SPVM::IO 0.14 is released on Perl/CPAN.

New Features and Enhancement


0.14 2022-12-03
  [Prerequrement Changes]
    * SPVM::IO needs SPVM 0.9664+.
    * SPVM::IO needs SPVM::Sys 0.28+.
  [Incompatible Document Changes]
    * Removed the is_io_handlable method in the IO::Handle class in the doc.
      This was removed in the past.
  [Document Improvement]
    * Added the doc of the IO::Handle.
    * Added the doc of the IO::Handle::Interface.
  [Incompatible Changes]
    * Removed the autoflush method in the IO::File class.
    * Removed the get_autoflush in the IO::Handle class.
    * Chan…
2022.12.02 23:14

Day 2: Add GitHub Action CI to the Net-Async-Redis-XS Perl module

For the second day of the 2022 December CI Challenge I wanted to have a Perl module. Partially because I have working on adding CI to Perl modules for a while.

I looked at CPAN Digger where some Perl script collects and analyses the most recent uploads to CPAN, the central web site of of the Perl packages and MetaCPAN is the user-friendly place to view the content of all the packages.

When I looked at CPAN::Digger the first package that had a link to its GitHub repository but did not have CI
was the Net-Async-Redis-XS distribution.

I thought that could be a nice challenge as it will probably requi…

2022.12.01 12:39

SPVM 0.9664 is released

SPVM 0.9664 is released.

New Features and Enhancement


0.9664 2022-12-01
  [Internal Compatible Changes]
    * Added spvm_inline_api.h and use it in spvm_api.c, spvm_api_vm.c, spvm_precompile.c
  [New Features]
    * Added the new syntax of the octal escape character and 3digit is allowed.
      \1, \2, \3, \4, \5, \6, \7, \8, \9

  [Imcompatible New Features and Changes]
    * \1, \2, \3, \4, \5, \6, \7, \8, \9 is not raw escape character.
      This becomes the part of the octal escape character.

2022.11.30 23:07

SPVM 0.9663 is released

SPVM 0.9663 is released.

New Features and Enhancement


0.9663 2022-11-29
    * Add the following file to the MANIFEST.SKIP that is generated by the spvmdist command.

    * The version of the module file that is generated by the spvmdist command is not outputted
      when the --only-lib-files option is specified.
  [New Features]
    * Added the follwoing opitonal arguments to the push method in the StringBuffer class.

      method push : void ($string : string);

      method push : void ($string : string, $offset = 0 : int, $length…
2022.11.29 00:06

Perl Weekly #592 - Perl Blogging?

Originally published at Perl Weekly 592

Hi there,

We all know not many people blog about Perl anymore. Are we doing anything to get it back on track? Well, unfortunately again, nothing is happening on that front either.

But, hey, there is still hope and handful of Perl fans doing their best. One of them is our chief editor, Gabor Szabo. He has been running Perl Maven for years now and many of us benefitted from his work. He recently started blogging on Dev.To. I request all the Perl fans to follow him and like blog post. I didn't have the account there before so I decided to create personal accou…

2022.11.28 06:57

Why do you prefer using a scripting language?

Scripting languages have seen tremendous growth in recent years. CodingNomads ran some stats on job postings on Linkedin (see cover image) and found that from the top-10 programming languages in highest demand in 2022, six of them are scripting languages.

Why do you choose to program in a scripting language rather than in a real programming language?

Please tell us your reasons.

To help you get started, here are some ready-made options:

  • It is easier to learn.
  • It is easier to be productive.
  • It gives fewer errors.
  • I do not want to have to wait for it to compile.
  • It does not require an IDE, I can just us…
2022.11.27 10:46


Flipping to Redistribute

The examples used here are from the weekly challenge problem statement and demonstrate the working solution.

Part 1

You are given a positive integer, $n. Write a script to find the binary flip.


use v5.36;
sub int2bits{
    my($n) = @_;
    my @bits;
        my $b = $n & 1;
        unshift @bits, $b;
        $n = $n >> 1;
    return @bits

sub binary_flip{
    my($n) = @_;
    my @bits = int2bits($n);
    @bits = map {$_^ 1} @bits;
    return oct(q/0b/ . join(q//, @bits));

    say binary_flip(5);
    say binary_flip(4);
    say binary_flip(6);
Sample Run…
2022.11.27 19:04

Twice Largest Once Cute

The examples used here are from the weekly challenge problem statement and demonstrate the working solution.

Part 1

You are given list of integers, @list. Write a script to find out whether the largest item in the list is at least twice as large as each of the other items.


use v5.36;
use strict;
use warnings;

sub twice_largest{
    my(@list_integers) = @_;
    my @sorted_integers = sort {$a <=> $b} @list_integers;
    for my $i (@sorted_integers[0 .. @sorted_integers - 1]){
        unless($sorted_integers[@sorted_integers - 1] == $i){
            return -1 unless $sorted_integers[@sorte…
2022.11.20 21:50

Capital Detection Decode

The examples used here are from the weekly challenge problem statement and demonstrate the working solution.

Part 1

You are given a string with alphabetic characters only: A..Z and a..z. Write a script to find out if the usage of Capital is appropriate if it satisfies at least one of the rules.


use v5.36;
use strict;
use warnings;

use boolean;

sub capital_detection{
    {my($s) = @_; return true if length($s) == $s =~ tr/A-Z//d;}
    {my($s) = @_; return true if length($s) == $s =~ tr/a-z//d;}
        my($s) = @_; 
        $s =~ m/(^.{1})(.*)$/;
        my $first_letter = $1…
2022.11.13 21:12

To a Greater Degree

The examples used here are from the weekly challenge problem statement and demonstrate the working solution.

Part 1

You are given an array of characters (a..z) and a target character. Write a script to find out the smallest character in the given array lexicographically greater than the target character.


use v5.36;
use strict;
use warnings;

sub greatest_character{
    my($characters, $target) = @_;
    return [sort {$a cmp $b} grep {$_ gt $target} @{$characters}]->[0] || $target;

    say greatest_character([qw/e m u g/], q/b/);
    say greatest_character([qw/d c e f/], q/a…
2022.11.06 18:58

Pairs Divided by Zero

The examples used here are from the weekly challenge problem statement and demonstrate the working solution.

Part 1

You are given list of integers @list of size $n and divisor $k. Write a script to find out count of pairs in the given list that satisfies a set of rules.


use v5.36;
use strict;
use warnings;

sub divisible_pairs{
    my($numbers, $k) = @_;
    my @pairs;
    for my $i (0 .. @{$numbers} - 1){
        for my $j ($i + 1 .. @{$numbers} - 1){
            push @pairs, [$i, $j] if(($numbers->[$i] + $numbers->[$j]) % $k == 0);
    return @pairs;

    my @p…
2022.10.30 19:24

Days Together Are Magical

The examples used here are from the weekly challenge problem statement and demonstrate the working solution.

Part 1

Two friends, Foo and Bar gone on holidays seperately to the same city. You are given their schedule i.e. start date and end date. To keep the task simple, the date is in the form DD-MM and all dates belong to the same calendar year i.e. between 01-01 and 31-12.
Also the year is non-leap year and both dates are inclusive. Write a script to find out for the given schedule, how many days they spent together in the city, if at all.


use v5.36;
use strict;
use warnings;

use Tim…
2022.10.23 17:11

The Perl NOC

perlancar's blog

List of new CPAN distributions – Nov 2022

dist author first_version latest_version abstract
AI-TensorFlow-Libtensorflow ZMUGHAL 0.0.1 0.0.2 Bindings for Libtensorflow deep learning library
Acme-CPANModules-DiffingStructuredData PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 List of modules to diff structured data
Acme-CPANModules-DiffingStuffs PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 List of modules/applications to diff various stuffs
Acme-CPANModules-RenamingFiles PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 List of Perl modules (and scripts) to rename multiple files
Acme-CPANModules-WrappingText PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 List of modules and utilities to wrap text
Alien-Font-Uni LICHTKIND 0.0_1 0.3 provide Unifont trutype file or locati…
2022.12.01 00:44

List of new CPAN distributions – Oct 2022

dist author first_version latest_version abstract
AI-ParticleSwarmOptimization-MCE STRZELEC 1.000 1.002 Particle Swarm Optimization (object oriented) with support for multi-core processing
AI-ParticleSwarmOptimization-Pmap STRZELEC 1.000 1.005 Particle Swarm Optimization (object oriented) with support for multi-core processing
Acme-CPANModules-WorkingWithCSV PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 Working with CSV (comma-separated value) data in Perl
Acme-CPANModules-WorkingWithXLS PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 Working with Excel formats (XLS, XLSX) or other spreadsheet formats like LibreOffice Calc (ODS)
Acme-Color-Rust PLICEASE 0.01 0.04 Color e…
2022.11.01 00:12

# where we turn Perl inside out

(cdxx) 11 great CPAN modules released last week

Updates for great CPAN modules released last week. A module is considered great if its favorites count is greater or equal than 12.

  1. Alien::Build - Build external dependencies for use in CPAN
    • Version: 2.73 on 2022-11-20
    • Votes: 22
    • Previous version: 2.72 was 25 days before
  2. App::Netdisco - An open source web-based network management tool.
    • Version: 2.059001 on 2022-11-26
    • Votes: 14
    • Previous version: 2.058003 was 22 days before
  3. DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader - Create a DBIx::Class::Schema based on a database
    • Version: 0.07051 on 2022-11-23
    • Votes: 45
    • Previous version: 0.07049 was 4 years, 8 months, 2 days before
  4. Dist…
2022.11.27 08:58

(dxxxiii) metacpan weekly report - Perl::Critic

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 42

Week's winner: Perl::Critic (+2)

Build date: 2022/11/27 07:55:57 GMT

Clicked for first time:

Increasing its reputation:

2022.11.27 08:56

(dlxi) stackoverflow perl report

These are the five most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
Between brackets: [question score / answers count]
Build date: 2022-11-27 07:54:48 GMT

  1. perldoc does not display text between section - [2/2]
  2. How to access multiple option values from hash specification - [2/1]
  3. Perl :: Can You Have a Lists of Objects Within a Hash? - [2/1]
  4. How to Bless Objects in a List Passed to a Subroutine? - [2/1]
  5. Restore pack value from hex string - [2/1]
2022.11.27 08:55

(cdxix) 10 great CPAN modules released last week

Updates for great CPAN modules released last week. A module is considered great if its favorites count is greater or equal than 12.

  1. Code::TidyAll - Engine for tidyall, your all-in-one code tidier and validator
    • Version: 0.83 on 2022-11-19
    • Votes: 38
    • Previous version: 0.82 was 7 months, 4 days before
  2. Devel::NYTProf - Powerful fast feature-rich Perl source code profiler
    • Version: 6.12 on 2022-11-16
    • Votes: 180
    • Previous version: 6.11 was 1 year, 1 month, 27 days before
  3. FFI::Platypus - Write Perl bindings to non-Perl libraries with FFI. No XS required.
    • Version: 2.05 on 2022-11-16
    • Votes: 58
    • Previous version: 2.04…
2022.11.19 23:20

(dxxxii) metacpan weekly report - Perl::Dist::APPerl

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 39

Week's winner (+3): Perl::Dist::APPerl

Build date: 2022/11/19 22:16:45 GMT

Clicked for first time:

Increasing its reputation:

2022.11.19 23:18

(dlx) stackoverflow perl report

Recent MetaCPAN News

Perl – *n*x

Blog on The Weekly Challenge - Perl & Raku

Advent Calendar - December 2, 2022

Advent Calendar 2022 | Day 1 | Day 2 | The gift is presented by James Smith. Today he is talking about his solution to “The Weekly Challenge - 193”. This is re-produced for Advent Calendar 2022 from the original post by him. Task #1: Binary String You are given an integer, $n > 0. Write a script to find all possible binary numbers of size $n. Solution This weeks task 1 is relatively simple.
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Advent Calendar 2022

| 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | Welcome to our 4th Advent Calendar. I promise to present interesting topic every day contributed by esteemed members of Team PWC. MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN
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The Weekly Challenge - Guest Contributions

As you know, The Weekly Challenge, primarily focus on Perl and Raku. During the Week #018, we received solutions to The Weekly Challenge - 018 by Orestis Zekai in Python. It was pleasant surprise to receive solutions in something other than Perl and Raku. Ever since regular team members also started contributing in other languages like Ada, APL, Awk, BASIC, Bash, Bc, Befunge-93, Bourne Shell, BQN, Brainfuck, C3, C, CESIL, Chef, COBOL, Coconut, C Shell, C++, Clojure, Crystal, D, Dart, Dc, Elixir, Elm, Emacs Lisp, Erlang, Excel VBA, Fennel, Fish, Forth, Fortran, Gembase, GNAT, Go, Haskell, Haxe…
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Advent Calendar - December 1, 2022

Advent Calendar 2022 | Day 1 | Day 2 | The gift is presented by Adam Russell. Today he is talking about his solution to “The Weekly Challenge - 161”. This is re-produced for Advent Calendar 2022 from the original post by him. Task #1: Abecedarian Words An abecedarian word is a word whose letters are arranged in alphabetical order. For example, “knotty” is an abecedarian word, but “knots” is not.
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RECAP - The Weekly Challenge - 192

TABLE OF CONTENTS 01. HEADLINES 02. STAR CONTRIBUTORS 03. CONTRIBUTION STATS 04. GUESTS 05. LANGUAGES 06. CENTURION CLUB 07. DAMIAN CONWAY’s CORNER 08. ANDREW SHITOV’s CORNER 09. PERL SOLUTIONS 10. RAKU SOLUTIONS 11. PERL & RAKU SOLUTIONS HEADLINES Thank you Team PWC for your continuous support and encouragement. STAR CONTRIBUTORS Following members shared solutions to both tasks in Perl and Raku as well as blogged about it.
2022.11.28 00:00

The Weekly Challenge - 193

TABLE OF CONTENTS 01. HEADLINES 02. SPONSOR 03. RECAP 04. PERL REVIEW 05. RAKU REVIEW 06. CHART 07. NEW MEMBERS 08. GUESTS 09. TASK #1: Binary String 10. TASK #2: Odd String HEADLINES Welcome to the Week #193 of The Weekly Challenge. Life is always full of ups & downs. As the year ending, I look back and noticed I missed so many things. I wanted to do so much but couldn’t get anywhere near.
2022.11.28 00:00

Perl Jobs

Help With Perl Code, 1 hour, Sacramento, CA (remote)

I need 1 hour of a perl programmers time to walk me through 5 lines of code. I have some (minimal) familiarity with perl.

You can find the code at:


You will need to walk me through the code: what it does, how it works, and why it works.

I would prefer a zoom meeting but email would work. Please note I'm in the USA west coast.

Modern Perl and positive team vibes. UK Remote Perl role, UK (Remote) (Perl Jobs by Perl Careers)

People: the new best work perk?

Office perks are great — who doesn’t enjoy a well-stocked coffee bar? – but even the juiciest perks can’t compare to working with a super friendly team. Think about it: you’ve got your espresso just the way you like it, but if your coworkers are a snooze, no amount of caffeine is going to make you pumped to work with them.

If you’re a Modern Perl developer in the UK with Go-lang experience (or at least a strong desire to learn) and you’re searching for a team of dynamos, we’ve found the perfect place for you. This award-winning company may be newer, but the comb…

Perl/Web Developer, Layton, UT, USA (Peak Payment Solutions)

Peak Payment Solutions in Layton, UT is hiring a full-time Perl/web developer with 3+ years professional experience. Pay is competitive and depends on experience and proven ability. This may be a work-from-home position. Must be authorized to work in the United States.

Job duties include maintenance programming, updating/modernizing code, development of new features, peer code review. This is mainly back-end work but does include some front-end web work.

Long-term employment desired.

No 3rd parties or staffing agencies. No entry-level applicants. To apply, email your resume to job3728@peakpaym…

Test if an email address is real, cleaning out bad lists, SF, CA (Silverfire)

Im looking to clean a csv file of email address that are bad for multiple reasons. Mostly people moving jobs, looking to have a perl script built that can do the following for an input file email.csv with column email address. The output will be output.csv that has two columns email, reason. Email that is checked and the reason that the email failed or not.

Im looking for checks for the following:

Catch-all domains checker
Spotting domains that return valid for all emails

Hard bounce checker
We send undetectable verifications to find out whether the email address really exists and can receive…

Senior Perl Developer, India, full-remote (Miratech)

Company Description
What We Do

Miratech helps visionaries to change the world. We are a global IT services and consulting company that brings together global enterprise innovation and start-up innovation. Today we support digital transformation for the largest enterprises on the planet.

By partnering with both large and small players, we stay at the leading edge of technology, remain nimble even as a global leader, and create technology that helps our clients further enhance their business. Our culture of Relentless Performance enables over 99% of Miratech’s engagements to succeed by meeting o…

Perl Developer, Frankfurt (Energize)

We are looking for an experienced Perl developer to join an established development team for a highly reputable financial services organisation.

You will be the Perl SME for driving forward the CI build tools development as well as the further development of the Perl in-house standard.

C, C++, and Perl Software Engineers, Let’s Keep the Internet Safe. Remote Perl role in the UK and EU, UK and EU Remote (Perl Jobs by Perl Careers)

Defender of the Internet!

Kids can learn a lot of useful things from the internet. How to throw a curveball, for example, or the best way to negotiate an extra hour of screen time with Mum and Dad. There are plenty of positive things on the worldwide web, but it’s not all roses and candy floss. We need someone to protect young eyes from the seedier side of online offerings, and we hope that person is you!

A leading digital safeguarding solutions provider is looking for a software engineer experienced in C, C++, or Perl. You’ll have strong Linux knowledge and a methodical approach to problem so…

DevOps Sysadmin/Engineer/Perl Dev, San Diego, CA (GreenRope)

US, Canadian, or UK citizens only.

Annual salary $76,800 - $86,400 + health insurance

Friendly remote working team. To see what we do visit

Hours and employee/contractor status are flexible.

We have a mixture of co-located hardware and cloud instances, and are migrating more to the cloud with a focus on security.

It's a bonus if you can occasionally work on site but not a requirement.

The perfect candidate will have a passion for system administration, security, and know Perl, with good communication, self motivation, and conscientious work, with a strong and proven level of exp…