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Perl extension to OpenSSL's X509 API.
2022.01.19 06:51


Static Perl Virtual Machine. Fast Calculation, Fast Array Operation, and Easy C/C++ Binding.

Changes for 0.9125 - 2021-01-19

2022.01.19 06:23


Module/App to build and test OPM packages for Znuny, OTOBO, ((OTRS)) Community edition.

Changes for 1.15 - 2022-01-19T07:04:00Z

  • add new parameter to set basedir on build command (thanks to kjagosz)
2022.01.19 06:09


BSD utilities written in pure Perl

Changes for 1.028 - 2022-01-19T05:43:47Z

  • Try to fix Windows's handling of %Z in date - GitHub #98
  • If you find problems, try adjusting the data in script/date and open an issue with your changes
2022.01.19 05:50


Generate musical cadence chords

Changes for 0.1504 - 2022-01-18T20:56:51Z

  • Improve documentation ever so slightly.
2022.01.19 04:58


Generate musical cadence chords

Changes for 0.1503 - 2022-01-18T20:43:44Z

  • Update the eg/cadence program.
  • Improve documentation.
2022.01.19 04:45


Static Perl Virtual Machine. Fast Calculation, Fast Array Operation, and Easy C/C++ Binding.

Changes for 0.9124 - 2021-01-19

2022.01.19 04:38


Find or build meson build tool

Changes for 0.01_03 - 2022-01-18T21:31:28-05:00

  • Add ALIEN_MESON_SHARE_PREFER environment variable to control what kind of release to use (source/binary). See <>, <>.
  • Add support for macOS .pkg binary release. See <>, <>.
2022.01.19 02:31


Generate text table using one of several backends

Changes for 0.109 - 2022-01-14

  • [bugfix] Always enable strict, warnings, and particularly 5.010 to enable defined-or operator; do not just enable this on unbuilt version.
  • [doc] Document %BACKEND_FEATURES.
2022.01.19 01:44


Modules that have their own website

Changes for 0.004 - 2022-01-16

  • No functional changes.
  • [build] Rebuild with newer Pod::From::Acme::CPANModules and Pod::Weaver::Plugin::Acme::CPANModules to tweak generated POD output.
2022.01.19 01:44




























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News and Blogs

Articles on - programming news, code and culture

Perl / Unix One-liner Cage Match, Part 2

In Part 1, I compared Perl’s regexp features with sed and Awk. In this concluding part, I’ll cover examples that make use of Perl’s extensive built-in features and third-party modules.

Bigger library

Perl has a much bigger collection of built-in functions compared to Awk. For command-line usage, I often need tr, join, map and grep. I like that arrays and hashes are distinct in Perl and applying sort on these data types is much simpler compared to Awk.

Append items to a list

This problem wants to append columns to rows that have too few, like the b, c and d rows:


This app…

2021.05.25 02:54

Perl / Unix One-liner Cage Match, Part 1

A shell (like Bash) provides built-in commands and scripting features to easily solve and automate various tasks. External commands like grep, sed, Awk, sort, find, or parallel can be combined to work with each other. Sometimes you can use Perl either as a single replacement or a complement to them for specific use cases.

Perl is the most robust portable option for text processing needs. Perl has a feature rich regular expression engine, built-in functions, an extensive ecosystem, and is quite portable. However, Perl may have slower performance compared to specialized tools and can be more verb…

2021.05.12 02:54

Downloading and Installing Perl in 2021

[This article is part of our Popular articles project to update for contemporary practices]

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely looking for a simple way to download and install the Perl programming language. Or you already have Perl installed as part of your operating system, but it’s older than the currently-supported versions (5.32.1 or 5.30.3) and you’d like to use the latest and greatest features. The download options may seem daunting, especially if you’re new to computers or programming. We’ll take things step by step, and soon you’ll be on your way to…

2021.04.27 04:05

Interview: Trying to Catch Paul "LeoNerd" Evans

Paul “LeoNerd” Evans is a CPAN author, blogger, and core Perl contributor. He introduced the experimental isa operator in Perl 5.32 and the try/catch syntax in an upcoming version.

Tell me a little about yourself and your background; whatever you feel comfortable sharing.

Lets see—I’m going to do this in reverse chronological order.

Currently I’m a self-employed contractor, splitting my time between Perl and other computery things, and electronics. Most of the jobs I’ve had before I did that were based on Perl, with the minor exception of a little Internet startup company called &ldqu…

2021.03.30 01:24

Why I wrote Net::Google::CivicInformation

Before I became a computer programmer, I tried my hand at being a human programmer, in the form of a wordsmith, as I called myself then. I had various jobs as a writer, editor, translator and journalist, but I met with little success, for two main reasons. In those days you needed a publisher to find your work interesting enough to publish before anyone could read it, and that was a pretty high bar. And in the second place, it was difficult to get the humans to react to the content I wrote (I’m still exercised that the movie reviewer would get more letters to the editor than I did after…

2021.03.09 19:35

The Hijacking of

For a week we lost control of the domain. Now that the incident has died down, we can explain some of what happened and how we handled it. This incident only affected the domain ownership of and there was no other compromise of community resources. This website was still there, but DNS was handing out different IP numbers.

First, this wasn’t an issue of not renewing the domain. That would have been a better situation for us because there’s a grace period.

Second, to be very clear, I’m just an editor for the website that uses the domain. This means that I’m…

2021.02.28 08:59

The Perl Foundation

New year, new impetus for Perl Foundation Marketing Committee

The TPF Marketing Committee wants to raise USD$100,000 to fund Perl and Raku development and make 2022 the year of Perl and Raku. But we can only do this with community support.

In 2022 the Perl Foundation Marketing Committee aims to: * Achieve a fundraising target of $100,000 through improved fundraising efforts * Improve and sustain the perception of Perl * Address feature gaps from community feedback * Demonstrate why people should use Perl * Increase adoption of the language

These goals are just words without your help.

We need everyone in the community to share our news and updates via your…

2022.01.15 04:03

Season of Docs successful completion

As previously announced, one of The Perl Foundation's initiatives for this year was to participate in Google Season of Docs. I'm pleased to announce that Khawar Latif Khan successfully completed the project.

You can read further details at * Khawar's Medium article * Jason McIntosh's case study

In addition, Khawar plans to share his experience at the next Perl and Raku Conference in Houston.

I'd like to thank: * Khawar for his quality work * Jason McIntosh for being the project lead and mentorship * All others who were involved in this project and provided input to Khawar * Google Season of Docs…

2021.12.24 12:13

Supporting TPF – potential tax savings

(published on behalf of TPF and Marketing Committee)

With the end of the year quickly approaching, The Perl Foundation want to thank you for all that you do in supporting us. Your support has allowed us to make significant strides in advancing the Perl and Raku languages, and the software behind them. There is, however, much work that still needs to be done.

As you consider your year-end philanthropy, we want to highlight a few strategies that may reduce your tax liability. Your gift to The Perl Foundation may be tax-deductible, so now is a great time to help us pave the way for another successf…

2021.12.24 05:29

TPRCHouston - Newsletter #1

In this issue: * About The Perl and Raku Conference in Houston * Call for Presenters * Call for Teachers/Master-Class * Call for talk ideas * Volunteer-Organizer positions open * Call for sponsors * Contact us

Come to the Perl and Raku Conference in Houston!

We can't wait to see everyone in person at the 2022 Perl and Raku Conference June 21-25 2022!

You can expect to see a lot of presentations on Perl, Raku, and supporting languages. Core presentation topics in the past have included Perl 5 and Raku. Organizers are hopeful to continue with a core of Perl 5 and Raku moving forward. It’s worth not…

2021.12.22 12:45

Do you want to partner with the Perl Marketing Committee to organize Hackathons in 2022?

In 2022, the Perl Marketing Committee are looking to help organize two (or more!) hackathon events based on data collected in the survey run by Andrew Solomon.

The initial focus areas are Editor/IDE integration, and CPAN Recommendations.

The vision of the committee is to help make these events happen by partnering with projects within the Perl community.

The goal is to make these events fun, rewarding, and successful, by being as accessible as possible. We also want to increase first time/one off contributions.

The committee hopes to improve accessibility by running these events as a hybrid of in…

2021.12.09 07:04

Raku CI Bot Grant Report October and November 2021

Patrick Böker submitted his report for the Raku CI Bot grant, for the months of October and November:

In October and November most of my time was spent on finding and fixing bugs.

Several problems I encountered are bugs in third party systems. Some of those I tackled, some remain as bug reports.

Reported and fixed bugs:

  • Red: Boolean checking DateTime columns fails when using Pg #530 (Fix: FCO)
  • Red: Checking multiple existance checks results in empty WHEN clause [#531] ( (Fix: FCO)
  • Red: Type constraints in models are ignored on assignment [#513](https:// github.c…
2021.12.05 14:50

TWC 147: Prime without Left, and Pent without Quad

In which we bravely overcome ambiguity, and dodge two approaches in the face of (O³).

TWC Task #1, Truncatable Prime Observations:

"Left-truncatable prime" is not fully defined by the task; are leading zeros valid?
e.g. 103 -> 03 -> 3 ; all are prime, but is 03 considered a "number"?

UPDATE:'s Raku Study Group just pointed out that task description does say "contains no 0", so the task was fully defined, and I had no need for the "filter" half of the solutions below. Mea culpa!

OEIS has separate pages for each definition, but both start with:
(2, 3, 5, 7, 13, 17, 23, 37, 43, 47):

A033664 …, 5…

2022.01.17 03:25

TWC 146: 10K Prime and CW Trees (redirect)

Please go here instead.

2022.01.17 03:14

Do-It-Yourself warnings categories

One of the reasons I have not "moved on" from Perl to some other more "modern" language is that Perl gives me such great access to its inner workings. The Do-It-Yourself Lexical Pragmas post from a couple weeks ago is an example of this. Another example is that Perl lets you tie your own code into its warnings system.

Tying into the warnings machinery requires a module. That is, the interface assumes you are reporting problems relative to another name space that invoked your code. Your module can either add diagnostics to existing Perl warning categories or actually create new categories. In ei…

2022.01.13 19:53

Perl Weekly Challenge 147: Truncatable Primes and Pentagon Numbers

These are some answers to the Week 147 of the Perl Weekly Challenge organized by Mohammad S. Anwar.

Spoiler Alert: This weekly challenge deadline is due in a few days from now (on January 16, 2022 at 24:00). This blog post offers some solutions to this challenge, please don’t read on if you intend to complete the challenge on your own.

Task 1: Truncatable Prime

Write a script to generate first 20 left-truncatable prime numbers in base 10.

In number theory, a left-truncatable prime is a prime number which, in a given base, contains no 0, and if the leading left digit is successively removed, then a…

2022.01.12 04:11

Perl is not dead

Came across an interesting video from one of the users of Perl: Is Perl dead? @Randal L. Schwartz on Dart and Flutter @Code Maven

2022.01.10 22:30

TWC 146: 10K Prime and CW Trees

In which we leap tall primes in a single bound, mis-take a tree, test percussion, and find the limits of a Curious Module.

Task 1: 10001st Prime Number - One-liners (expanded) in Raku and Perl.

Task 2: Curious Fraction Tree - Solutions in Raku and Perl (with 200+ tests), and another Perl solution using a CPAN module.

TWC Task #1, 10001st Prime Number Perl

My Perl program is a 3-line version of this one-liner:

perl -Mntheory=nth_prime -wE 'say nth_prime(10_001)'

The ntheory (Number Theory) module has many routines that would solve the problem. nth_prime is the most direct.

constant @primes = (2, 3…
2022.01.10 03:35

Perl Hacks

Replacing CPAN RT

[Update: the CPAN Request Tracker was saved. It’s now run by a new team of volunteers and none of my suggestions below are required.]

Two weeks ago, we learned that the CPAN Request Tracker was closing down early next year. I proposed a plan that CPAN authors could follow to ensure that their users can still find somewhere to report bugs in modules (and, perhaps more importantly, to see what bugs have already been reported in modules).

But that’s only part of the problem. In fact, it’s probably a minor part of the problem. If you’re an active CPAN author, then you probably already knew about the…

2020.12.16 17:24

RT – Action Plan for CPAN Authors

CPAN RT is going away. CPAN authors have until the beginning of March to extract any useful information from it.

RT is the “Request Tracker”, a bug tracking system that is written by Best Practical. For almost as long as I can remember, anyone who uploads a module to CPAN gets a free ticket queue for their module at MetaCPAN assumes that’s where people should report bugs in your module and helpfully adds an “issues” link that goes to the appropriate page in RT.

But now that system is going away. It will be switched off on the 1st March 2021. The Perl NOC team is spread pretty thinly…

2020.12.06 12:40

Down the rabbit hole

Blog posts are like busses. You wait months for one and then two come along on consecutive days!

Yesterday I wrote about how we didn’t need a blogging platform for the Perl community – all we really needed was a good-looking feed aggregator. I mentioned Perlsphere as one such aggregator.

Then Matthew commented, saying that Perlsphere looked a bit broken as Dave Cantrell’s posts from a few years ago frequently pop up there as new posts. I had a quick look at the problem and couldn’t quite work out what was going on. His web feed seems valid, but Perlsphere didn’t seem to recognise the dates of th…

2020.09.18 15:24

Blogging for Perl

I think it was at YAPC Copenhagen in 2008 that a small group of us first discussed the idea of building a shared blogging platform for the Perl community. It was over a year later that we launched

I remember a lot of discussions over that time where we tried to thrash out exactly what we wanted to build. I know that one of my main drivers was that I wanted to replace the journals feature of use.perl. For those of you too young to remember, use.perl was a Perl community web site from the dawn of time. The site ran Perl news on its front page, but users could also have their own j…

2020.09.17 20:10

The Best of Perl Hacks

What do you do when you’re stuck inside because Coronavirus means that your country is in lockdown? Well, you write a book, of course. Or, to be more accurate, you cobble together fifty or so old blog posts into a book.

So that’s what I’ve done. Now you can read some of your favourite Perl Hacks blog posts in a handy Kindle book. Other ebook marketplaces are, of course, available – but I haven’t had the time to make a version that’s available from anywhere else yet. That might follow if enough people ask for it.

The book is, predictably, called The Best of Perl Hacks and it’s available from Amaz…

2020.04.07 15:05

PerlCon Europe 2019

Last week I was in Riga for this year’s European PerlCon (the conference formerly known as YAPC::Europe). As has become traditional, here’s my report of the conference.

My conference began on Tuesday night at the pre-conference meet-up. Most people get into town on the night before the conference starts and the organisers always designate a local bar as a meeting place. This time, as the conference was being held in a hotel, the meeting place was a room in the hotel just outside the main conference room. It’s always good to meet up with friends who you might not have seen since the previous con…

2019.08.11 13:40

Perl Weekly newsletter

#547 - Learning a human language vs. a programming language


Learning a programming language is not easy, but have you tried learning a human language? You don't have a compiler to tell you when you make a syntax error. You have a lot more words and rules and a lot more exceptions than in a programming language. Mostly however, the lack of quick feedback is what makes it hard. However, after a few months work you start to be able to speak to people in their native language.

As you might have read I've started to learn Ladino - the language spoken by the Jews who were expelled from the Iberian peninsula more than 500 years ago. It is a mix of medieval…

2022.01.17 10:00

#546 - Perl Books

Hi there

Welcome to my first edition of 2022 and 95th edition overall.

I remember there was a time when the O'Reilly group published many Perl books. Then came a few other publishing houses like Manning publications. I am sure you must have owned a handful of Perl books from these publishers. In recent times not many Perl books have been written, except one or two by brian d foy. A friend of mine donated all his Perl books to a local library as he is moving to Python. It is a sad state to be honest. Recently, I came across a Facebook post by a friend of mine about a Perl book called Extending an…

2022.01.10 10:00

#545 - Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

Hi everyone!

Let me start by welcoming you to the new year! Let me also use the opportunity to thank Mohammad S. Anwar for his dedication in both editing every other edition of the Perl Weekly Newsletter and his very own Weekly Challenge. Let me also thank Dave Cross for his immense help making our grammar a bit more bearable and the various Open Source projects he creates. (e.g. the CPAN Dashboard or The Perl Planetarium). If you also like their work please thank them in an email, a blog post, or by supporting them via Patreon for Mohammad or via GitHub for Dave. They won't become wealthy from…

2022.01.03 10:00

#544 - Merry Christmas

Hi there

We wish all the readers of the newsletter, Merry Christmas. I hope and wish you are all enjoying quality time with your loved ones.

Belated happy birthday to my favourite language, Perl, on completing 34 years. Mark Gardner used his weekly blogging schedule to celebrate the occassion in his blog post.

Do you remember which year you first picked up the Perl language?

For me, I was introduced to Perl in the year 1998. So technically, I am 23 Perl years old. How about you? I am wondering if anyone other than the creator picked the language in the first year that it existed. If you know their…

2021.12.27 10:00

#543 - Happy Birthday!

Hi there!

Thomas Klausner sent me a bunch of links and suggestion, let me share them first:

Abigail has a series of Advent posts starting from day 01. I did not find a page listing all the entries but you can get to them by changing the URL. Smylers is doing crazy stuff with vim (and perl). One can find a lot of inspiring code (Perl, Raku and of course other languages) in the various 'Solution Megathreads' on Reddit. Finally domm himself has a few Advent related posts.

Today we are celebrating the 80th birthday of my mother. Due to the pandemic we cannot celebrate in the same space, but we have c…

2021.12.20 10:00

#542 - Perl Advent Calendar

Hi there

How you all doing? Are you making the most of the festive season?

In the 540th edition of the weekly newsletter, I mentioned Advent Calendars. I noticed some activity in the GitHub repository for the Perl Advent Calendar and was hoping to see another exciting edition full of Perl projects. A friend of mine on Facebook mentioned that this year the Perl Advent Calendar is looking a bit sparse. At the time of writing this editorial, I have only seen one post i.e. Day 1 of Year 2021. Being one of many contributors in the past, I am sad to see the current state of the project. I have absolut…

2021.12.13 10:00


Advent of Code Day 15 to 24, with some gaps

A few more days of Advent of Code...

Day 15 - Chiton

Another path finder, this time with different costs for different paths. This screams for Dijkstra, but for part 1 I still did a more stupid brute force solution using code similar to Day 12 (but using a stack instead of recursion).

For part two my brute force solution was too slow, so I actually had to understand / implement Dijkstra, which took a bit of time, the Wikipedia article and this nice page. It was still rather slow, because I used a plain Perl sort to sort the todo list. Then I thought that I could just group the nodes by cost, thin…

Advent of Code Day 9 to 14

Five more days of coding adventures!

Day 9 - Smoke Basin

We need to find "low points" in a two-dimensional map of integers ranging from 0 to 9.

For part 1 I used a hash to store the map (with keys like "3_2" for row 3/col 2), and looked in the 4 bordering fields to find lower values (adjusting for corners/borders), I use the classic method (learned in previous years) of looping through a list of offsets to look for the neighbouring values:

for my $move ([-1,0],[1,0],[0,-1],[0,1]) {
     my $look = ($r + $move->[0] ).':'.($c + $move->[1]);
     my $val = $map{ $look };

If the value…

Advent of Code Day 6, 7 and 8

Day 6 - Lanternfish

Did the first part via an Array, because I was expecting some GoL stuff in Part 2. There wasn't and the Array-based solution would take forever for part 2. So after a bit of thinking (and (for once) not looking at reddit for ideas) I realized that the position of each fish is irrelevant, and we just need to count the fish.

Counting fish is faster than fish-herding them in an array

So part 2 is converted to a hash (where the keys are the generation of the fish, and the value the number of fishes at that generation), and a very simple loop to move the fish around. I had a small…

Advent of Code Day 1 to 5

As you have probably noted by the measurable reduction of programmer productivity worldwide, Advent of Code is running again. Here's a short recap of my experiences from day 1 to day 5.

I usually approach the problems straight-forward (or brute-force), mostly because I'm not that kind of smart to know all the nice shortcuts and algorithms (which I later usually read up on the very recommended "Solution Megathreads" on reddit. You can find me solutions here.

Day 1 - Sonar Sweep

Starting of easy, just adding / comparing some values. I still learned something during the second task: When comparing a…

Merging multiple git repos with their commit history

Advent of Code has started again and I'm again publishing my solutions to github (and probably also here). In the last two years I created on git repo for each year, but this year I changed my mind and want to have on repo containing a dir for each year.

Now I could just copy all the files into the new repo, but that would lose the commit history. Which is unacceptable!

The status quo ante
├── advent2019
│   ├──
│   └──
└── advent2020
What I want
└─── advent_of_code
    ├── 2019
    │   ├──
    │   └──
    └── 2020
        ├── 01_1… Blog


Das System-Perl zu verwenden hat viele Nachteile. Diese können behoben werden, wenn man ein eigenes Perl in seinem Benutzerverzeichnis installiert. Mit dem Werkzeug `perlbrew` kannst du mehrere Perl-Installationen nebeneinander auf einem System konfliktfrei betreiben.
2021.07.14 10:00

Bericht vom Deutschen Perl-/Raku-Workshop 2021

Der Deutsche Perl-/Raku-Workshop ("German Perl Workshop", GPW) ist eine Institution in der Perl-Community: Seit 1999 gibt es diese Konferenz rund um Perl (und seit ein paar Jahren Raku). Damit ist der GPW eine der ältesten Perl-Veranstaltungen überhaupt.
2021.06.23 10:00

Kommandozeilenwerkzeuge mit App::Cmd

Das Schreiben von CLI-Tools erfordert einiges an Infrastrukturcode, um ein komfortables Tool mit Kommandos zu erstellen. Teile dieses Codes gleichen sich bei der Implementierung von Unterkommandos. Die Distribution App::Cmd hilft mit Mitteln der objektorientierten Entwicklung dabei, ein komfortables CLI-Tool schnell und erweiterbar zu implementieren.
2021.02.15 10:00

An Modul-Autoren: Badges für CPANCover

Sowohl für Nutzer als auch für Entwickler ist es ganz schön, wenn auf einen Blick der Zustand eines Moduls ersichtlich ist: Sind Fehler bekannt? Kann das Projekt gebaut werden? Wie ist die Testabdeckung?
2021.02.09 10:00

CPAN-News Januar 2021

Der Januar ist rum, Zeit mal nachzuschauen was wir im Januar so alles auf CPAN geladen haben.
2021.02.06 10:00

Sicherheit für Perl-Anwendungen: fail2ban

Ist eine Webanwendung öffentlich erreichbar, wird es nicht lange dauern und irgendwelche Bots versuchen sich anzumelden. Oder es werden wild irgendwelche URLs aufgerufen. Auch wenn die Anmeldeversuche wahrscheinlich scheitern, geht die Bot-Aktivität zu Lasten der Webanwendung. Und mit genügend versuchen klappt es vielleicht doch mal, dass sich jemand Unbefugtes anmeldet.
2021.02.03 10:00

DEV Community

Perl Roles

1. Roles Definition

A role is a set of methods that provide extra behavior to a class. Roles can't be used independently they need a class to consume them. Roles are a good alternative to inheritance.

2. A sample role

A role is declared in a *.pm file.

package Role::JSON;
use Moose::Role;

use JSON 'encode_json';

requires qw( data );

sub to_json {
  my $self = shift;

  return encode_json( $self->data() );


3. Consuming a role

In the previous example the Role::JSON requires
the consuming class to have a method named data().

package Foo;
use Moose;
with "Role::JSON";

sub data {
 my $self …
2022.01.14 15:34

Look mum, no inputs 😛

Weekly Challenge 147

Challenge, My solutions

Unless I'm mistaken, this is the first week where both challenges have had no inputs. It is always tempted to use a single print statement, but that defeats the purpose of why we do them, isn't it?

TASK #1 › Truncatable Prime Task

Write a script to generate first 20 left-truncatable prime numbers in base 10.

In number theory, a left-truncatable prime is a prime number which, in a given base, contains no 0, and if the leading left digit is successively removed, then all resulting numbers are primes.

My solution

Let's start off with the straight forwa…

2022.01.14 04:20

Highlighting members of the Perl family

This past year of blogging has introduced me to a wide variety of people in the Perl community. Some I’ve admired from afar for years due to their published work, and even more I’ve “met” interacting on social media and other forums. So this will be the first in an occasional series highlighting not just the code, but the people that make up the Perl family.

Paul “LeoNerd” Evans

I first came across Paul’s work during his series last year on writing a core Perl feature; he’s responsible for Perl v5.32’s isa operator and v5.34’s experimental try/catch exception handling syntax. I interviewed him…

2022.01.11 15:00

100 Languages Speedrun: Episode 52: Perl

Perl is a highly influential "kitchen sink" language. Languages like that see an idea that might potentially be useful or just cool, and just add it to the language because why not.

Other languages with similar design philosophy (or one might say lack of design philosophy) are C++ and Scala. And it's not a coincidence that kitchen sink languages place really high on the charts of most hated languages of all times. They can be quite productive to write code in, but reading someone else's code, not so much.

I very much support the "kitchen sink" language design, including new ones like Raku. Among…

2022.01.11 07:13

Book review "Advanced Perl programming"

Advanced Perl Programming

Advanced Perl Programming is a book from Sriram Srinivasan published in 1997 (ouch!).

It's old, if you're a Perl newcomer, don't read such old books (in addition that this book is not adapted to your level).

There is a second edition of this book but it seems a totally different book (different author). Also the Advanced Perl Programming: From Advanced to Expert from William Bo Rothwell seems a completely different book.

Advanced Perl Programming is old but interesting... but I have to admit that it is not consistent in quality.

I think this book is for "hardcore Perl programmers" 😀

Start of the…
2022.01.10 12:33

Perl module tests on Linux 32bit on Github Action

I'm creating SPVM. SPVM is a Perl module I'm creating now.

I want to do tests of SPVM on Linux 32bit. I search for the way. I search github actions used in Perl itself.

Linux 32bit Github Action

I customized it. The created github action yml is linux-32bit.yml

name: linux-32bit

      - '*'
      - '*'

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      image: i386/ubuntu:latest
      - name: install the Perl header, core modules, building tools
        run: |
          apt update
          apt install -y libperl-d…
2022.01.07 22:40


Primes and Pentagonals

The examples used here are from The Weekly Challenge problem statement and demonstrate the working solution.

Part 1

Write a script to generate first 20 left-truncatable prime numbers in base 10.


use strict;
use warnings;

use boolean;
use constant N => 10_000; 

sub sieve_atkin{
    my($n) = @_;
    my @primes = (2, 3, 5);
    my $upper_bound = int($n * log($n) + $n * log(log($n)));
    my @atkin = (false) x $upper_bound;    
    my @sieve = (1, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 49, 53, 59);
    for my $x (1 .. sqrt($upper_bound)){
        for(my $y = 1; $y <= sqrt($upper_bo…
2022.01.16 13:29

Sieve of Atkin / Curious Fraction Tree

The examples used here are from The Weekly Challenge problem statement and demonstrate the working solution.

Part 1

Write a script to generate the 10001st prime number.


use strict;
use warnings;

use boolean; 
use Getopt::Long;
use LWP::UserAgent;

use constant N => 10_001;   
use constant PRIME_URL => "";

sub get_primes{
    my @primes;
    my $ua = new LWP::UserAgent(
        ssl_opts => {verify_hostname => 0}
    my $response = $ua->get(PRIME_URL);
    my @lines = split(/\n/,$response->decoded_content);
    foreach my $line (@lines…
2022.01.09 17:32

A Stocking Full of Numbers: Semiprimes and the Ulam Sequence

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May 2022 bring you less COVID and more Perl projects!

The examples used here are from The Weekly Challenge problem statement and demonstrate the working solution.

Part 1

Write a script to generate all Semiprime numbers <= 100.


use strict;
use warnings;
use boolean; 
use LWP::UserAgent;
use constant N => 100; 
use constant PRIME_URL => "";

sub get_primes{
    my @primes;
    my $ua = new LWP::UserAgent(
        ssl_opts => {verify_hostname => 0}
    my $response = $ua->get(PRIME_URL);
    my @lines = sp…
2021.12.26 18:00

Stealthy Calculations

The examples used here are from The Weekly Challenge problem statement and demonstrate the working solution.

Part 1

You are given a string, $s, containing mathematical expression. Write a script to print the result of the mathematical expression. To keep it simple, please only accept + - * ().


Main driver.

use strict;
use warnings;
# Write a script to implement a four function infix calculator.     
use TWCCalculator;
use constant ADD => "10 + 8";
use constant SUBTRACT => "18 - 66";
use constant ADD_SUBTRACT => "10 + 20 - 5";  
use constant MULTIPLY => "10 * 8";
use constant DIVIDE…
2021.12.19 19:56

Sleeping Divisors

The examples used here are from The Weekly Challenge problem statement and demonstrate the working solution.

Part 1

You are given positive integers, $m and $n. Write a script to find total count of divisors of $m having last digit $n.


use strict;
use warnings;
sub factor{
    my($n) = @_;
    my @factors = (1);
    foreach  my $j (2 .. sqrt($n)){
        push @factors, $j if $n % $j == 0;
        push @factors, ($n / $j) if $n % $j == 0 && $j ** 2 != $n;
    return @factors;  

sub divisors_last_digit{
    my($m, $n) = @_;
    my @divisors;   
    my @factors = factor($m…
2021.12.12 13:16

Like, It’s Just the First Ten Numbers Man!

The examples used here are from The Weekly Challenge problem statement and demonstrate the working solution.

Part 1

Write a script to find lowest 10 positive integers having exactly 8 divisors


use strict;
use warnings;
sub factor{
    my($n) = @_;
    my @factors = (1, $n);
    foreach my $j (2..sqrt($n)){
        push @factors, $j if $n % $j == 0;
        push @factors, ($n / $j) if $n % $j == 0 && $j ** 2 != $n;
    return @factors;  

sub first_ten_with_eight{
    my $i = 0;
    my @first_ten;  
        my @factors = factor($i);
        push @first_ten, $i if @fact…
2021.12.05 16:47

The Perl NOC

Weekend Outage

You may have noticed that some services were unavailable this weekend.  Email continued to flow, and no data was lost.

The short version of the story is that we were bitten by this bug. and learned a lot about how Kubernetes works while we figured out what the issue was.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

2021.05.09 21:29

CPAN Mirror List Changes

We sent the below email to all the CPAN Mirror contacts yesterday:

An Important Update about the CPAN Mirror List

You're receiving this email because you're listed as a contact point for a CPAN mirror. Thank you! The mirror network has been a huge part of CPAN’s success. Soon, the way clients use CPAN mirrors is changing. You don't need to do anything, but after reading this email, you might want to.

Some background: For a long time, when the CPAN client (aka started up for the first time, it prompted users to configure it by picking a nearby mirror. The assumption was that it would be b…

2021.02.22 09:39 hijacked

 The domain was hijacked this morning, and is currently pointing to a parking site.  Work is ongoing to attempt to recover it.

 We encourage you NOT to visit the domain, as there are some signals that it may be related to sites that have distributed malware in the past.

  Some users may have it selected as their CPAN mirror.  To update your mirror in use o conf urllist

# perl -MCPAN -eshell
cpan shell -- CPAN exploration and modules installation (v2.20)
Enter 'h' for help.

cpan[1]> o conf urllist
Please use 'o conf commit' to make the config perma…

2021.01.27 20:01 will sunset on March 1st, 2021

Update 2/21/2021:

Updated information about the future of can be found at

Update 2020-12-13: will be sunset on March 1st, 2021 due to low and declining use.

Back when we started this service, it filled a need by providing a place for CPAN authors to track bug reports and feature requests. In recent years and other sites have added issue tracking to their git repo hosting and many CPAN authors have migrated to these sites.

If you are a CPAN author, there are several tools to help you migrate existing tickets:

    • h…
2020.12.04 17:40 email supported by Pobox

Earlier this year we quietly switched the infrastructure that forwards ${author} email addresses from our home-grown solution to Pobox’s Bulk Forwarding system. Our system wasn’t keeping up with the spam-filtering needs of these widely published email addresses.

Pobox is now detecting over 93% of the incoming email to as spam and taking care of it. That’s tens of thousands of spam emails a day that aren’t forwarded on. (Almost 2.5 million emails a month!) Said another way -- less than 7% of emails sent to are valid!

Beyond improved spam filtering, there’s also better…
2020.04.27 21:19

Perl bugs now on GitHub

For over 17 years, the Perl NOC has hosted an RT instance for Perlbug, the system that tracks and manages Perl bugs and feature requests.  Two weekends ago, it transitioned to GitHub.    Background is available in this thread.
We'd especially like to thank Todd Rinaldo who led the migration and did most of the work.  His attention to detail cannot be understated.  17 years of data (some of which had been migrated to RT from the previous system) required a lot of tweaking and polishing to make it look nice.  His hard work shows in the result.
It's been fun and interesting to support this particular piece…
2019.10.30 20:56

perlancar's blog

List of new CPAN distributions – Dec 2021

dist author first_version latest_version abstract
ACME-Dzil-Test-daemon DAEMON 0.001 0.001 Module abstract placeholder text
ACME-Dzil-Test-daemon2 DAEMON 0.001 0.001 Module abstract placeholder text
Acme-CPANModules-ShellCompleters PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 Modules that provide shell tab completion for other commands/scripts
Acme-CPANModules-WorkingWithURL PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 Working with URL
Alien-libmaxminddb VOEGELAS 1.000 1.000 Find or download and install libmaxminddb
Apache2-Dummy-RequestRec JFF 0.01 0.03 dummy Apache request record class for testing
Apache2-RequestData JFF 0.01 0.02 collects all query and post parameters in a…
2022.01.01 02:25

List of new CPAN distributions – Nov 2021

dist author first_version latest_version abstract
API-Mathpix ERIAM 0.01 0.01 Use the API of Mathpix
Acme-CPANModulesBundle-Import-DAVECROSS PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 Acme::CPANModules::* created from DAVECROSS's posts
Acme-MarkdownTest NEILB 0.01 0.02 test module to see how markdown is handled
Alien-Meson ZMUGHAL 0.01 0.01 Find or build meson build tool
Alien-Ninja ZMUGHAL 0.01 0.02 Find or build Ninja build tool
Alien-SWIProlog ZMUGHAL 0.001 0.001 Alien package for the SWI-Prolog Prolog interpreter
Alien-libgpiod SACAVILIA v0.1 v0.1 Find or build libgpiod (Linux GPIO character device library)
AltaPay_Try MAFEMBRAC v1.0.1 1.0.1
2021.12.01 00:31

List of new CPAN distributions – Oct 2021

dist author first_version latest_version abstract
Acme-CPANModules-Parse-UnixShellCommandLine PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 Modules that parse command-line like Unix shells
Acme-FishFarm ELLEDNERA 1.00 1.00 A Fish Farm with Automated Systems
Acme-ICan-tBelieveItCanSort SANKO 0.01 0.01 Wait… It Actually Works?
Alien-PLplot ZMUGHAL 0.001 0.001 Alien package for the PLplot plotting library
App-GeoCancerPrognosticDatasetsRetriever AALAMEER 1 1 GEO Cancer Prognostic Datasets Retriever is a bioinformatics tool for cancer prognostic dataset retrieval from the GEO website.
App-Kramerius-To-Images SKIM 0.01 0.01 Base class and script for creat…
2021.11.01 00:39

List of new CPAN distributions – Sep 2021

dist author first_version latest_version abstract
Acme-CPANModules-PAUSE PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 Modules that interact with PAUSE, the Perl Authors Upload Server
Acme-PodOnly HAARG 0.001001 0.001003 A distribution that only contains Pod
Alien-PGPLOT DJERIUS 0.01 0.01 Build and Install the PGPLOT library
Alien-PortMidi JBARRETT 0.01 0.03 Install the Mixxx fork of PortMidi
App-Bitcoin-PaperWallet BRTASTIC 1.00 1.01 Generate printable cold storage of bitcoins
App-GhostWork INA 0.01 0.05 Barcode Logger(When,Where,Who,What,toWhich,Why)
App-ShellCompleter-YtDlp PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 Shell completion for yt-dlp
App-TimeZoneUtils PERLANCAR 0.00…
2021.10.03 01:38

List of new CPAN distributions – Aug 2021

dist author first_version latest_version abstract
AI-Perceptron-Simple ELLEDNERA 1.00 1.02 A Newbie Friendly Module to Create, Train, Validate and Test Perceptrons / Neurons
Alien-RtMidi JBARRETT 0.01 0.02 Install RtMidi
Alien-libvterm PEVANS 0.01 0.01 Alien wrapping for libvterm
App-BPOMUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 0.002 List food types in BPOM processed food division
App-DataDirUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 0.003 CLI utilities related to datadirs
App-FileModifyUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 0.002 Utilities related to modifying files
App-MineralUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 0.005 Utilities related to minerals (and mineral supplements)
App-RouterColorizer JMASLAK 1…
2021.09.01 04:27

List of new CPAN distributions – Jul 2021

dist author first_version latest_version abstract
Acme-PERLANCAR-Dummy-POD PERLANCAR 0.001 0.005 Dummy distribution for various POD testing
App-ClipboardUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 0.001 CLI utilities related to clipboard
App-DiffPDFText PERLANCAR 0.001 0.002 Diff the text of two PDF documents
App-Easer POLETTIX 0.001 0.002 Simplify writing (hierarchical) CLI applications
App-ModuleFeaturesUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 0.003 CLI Utilities related to Module::Features
App-Phoebe SCHROEDER 4.01 4.01 a Gemini-based wiki
App-arxiv2bib SLITTL 0.1 0.2 Extract bibliographic data from the arXiv API
App-efm_perl DELPHINUS 0.01 1.0.0 It's new $module
2021.08.01 00:01

# where we turn Perl inside out

(ccclxxv) 9 great CPAN modules released last week

Updates for great CPAN modules released last week. A module is considered great if its favorites count is greater or equal than 12.

  1. GraphQL - Perl implementation of GraphQL
    • Version: 0.53 on 2022-01-15
    • Votes: 18
    • Previous version: 0.52 was 4 months, 12 days before
  2. JSON - JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) encoder/decoder
    • Version: 4.05 on 2022-01-14
    • Votes: 96
    • Previous version: 4.04 was 28 days before
  3. Net::SSLeay - Perl bindings for OpenSSL and LibreSSL
    • Version: 1.92 on 2022-01-12
    • Votes: 20
    • Previous version: 1.90 was 11 months, 22 days before
  4. PDL - Perl Data Language
    • Version: 2.068 on 2022-01-14
    • Votes: 43
    • Previous…
2022.01.15 21:48

(cdxcv) metacpan weekly report - Crypt::Passphrase

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 56

Week's winners (+3):  Crypt::Passphrase

Build date: 2022/01/15 20:43:56 GMT

Clicked for first time:

2022.01.15 21:44

(dxvii) stackoverflow perl report

(ccclxxvi) 9 great CPAN modules released last week

Updates for great CPAN modules released last week. A module is considered great if its favorites count is greater or equal than 12.

  1. Config::Tiny - Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as possible
    • Version: 2.28 on 2022-01-04
    • Votes: 30
    • Previous version: 2.27 was 3 months, 12 days before
  2. CryptX - Cryptographic toolkit
    • Version: 0.076 on 2022-01-07
    • Votes: 43
    • Previous version: 0.075 was 13 days before
  3. HTTP::Message - HTTP style message (base class)
    • Version: 6.36 on 2022-01-05
    • Votes: 59
    • Previous version: 6.35 was 1 month, 24 days before
  4. IO::Socket::SSL - Nearly transparent SSL encapsulation for IO::Soc…
2022.01.08 23:53

(dxvi) stackoverflow perl report

(ccclxxiv) 5 great CPAN modules released last week

Not too many released, so this is a bonus material:

Updates for great CPAN modules released last week. A module is considered great if its favorites count is greater or equal than 12.
  1. curry - Create automatic curried method call closures for any class or object
    • Version: 2.000001 on 2021-12-30
    • Votes: 23
    • Previous version: 1.001000 was 4 years, 6 months, 7 days before
  2. DBD::CSV - DBI driver for CSV files
    • Version: 0.59 on 2022-01-01
    • Votes: 22
    • Previous version: 0.58…
2022.01.01 14:11

Recent MetaCPAN News

Source code permalinks are here

<p>Versioned permalinks from source code pages are <a href="">now available</a></p>
2020.03.29 00:00

Rendering .md files

<p>We're now rendering .md files as HTML instead of as raw code.</p>
2019.10.18 01:54

The traffic is coming

<p>As <a href="">announced</a> in the Perl NOC, is going to redirect all traffic to MetaCPAN from 25th of June 2018. We are doing lots of work to prepare for this trebling of traffic.</p>
2018.12.02 19:30

MetaHack 2

http: //<br /> <p></p> <p></p>
2017.11.02 19:30

SSL improvements

<p>Our servers have had their SSL configuration upgraded, so we now get an A rating on <a href="">SSL Labs</a>.</p> <p><a href="">Fastly</a> who serve all our content other than the <a href="">api</a> already had tight configs... and now so do we. I'd like to thank then for providing both examples, support and an IRC channel where Donald Stufft from the Python infrastructure team was able to hel…
2014.12.02 19:30

Liquid Web is Sponsoring MetaCPAN

<p>We're immensely pleased to announce that <a href="">Liquid Web Inc.</a> is our newest hosting sponsor. This sponsorship entails 3 powerful machines which are provided and co-located by Liquid Web Inc. Having access to this hardware will allow us greater redundancy in addition to giving us powerful machines to use as a staging area when developing new MetaCPAN features. This is a huge development for us and we'd like to thank Liquid Web Inc. for this very kind donation. More details to come!</p>
2014.11.08 03:00

Perl – *n*x

Quo vadis, Perl?


Foto by Carsten Tolkmit 

We’ve had a week of heated discussion within the Perl 6 community. It is the type of debate where everyone seems to lose. It is not the first time we do this and it certainly won’t be the last. It seems to me that we have one of those about every six months. I decided not to link to many reiterations of the debate in order not to feed the fire.

Before defining sides in the discussion it is important to identify the problems that drives the fears and hopes of the community. I don’t think that the latest round of discussions was about the Perl 6 alias in itself (Raku), but…

2018.11.08 20:18

So, what about (Perl 6) dependencies?

DependenciesWhen I need to program something, most of the time I use Perl 5, Go or Perl 6. Which one depends on the existence and maturity of libraries and the deployment strategy (and I must admit, probably my mood). Most applications I write at work are not that big, but they need to be stable and secure. Some end up in production as an extension or addition to the software that is the core of our authentication and authorisation infrastructure. Some programs are managed by other teams, e.g. of sysadmin-type applications like the monitoring of a complex chain of microservices. Finally, proof of concept…

2017.05.28 11:42

rakudo-pkg: Create OS packages for Rakudo Perl 6 using Docker


There was an interesting discussion on #perl6 ( about the use of rakudobrew as a way for end-users to install Rakudo Perl 6 (see how-to-get-rakudo).

rakudobrew, inspired by perlbrew, is a way to manage (and compile) different versions of rakudo. nine argued that it’s primarily meant as a tool for rakudo developers. Because of the increased complexity (e.g. when dealing with modules) it’s not targeted at end-users. While being a big fan of rakudobrew, I agree with nine.

The problem is that there are no Linux binaries on the download page (there are for MacOS and Windows), so user…

2016.09.05 10:41

Vim as a Perl 6 editor

EDITED on 20170211: syntastic-perl6 configuration changes

If you’re a Vim user you probably use it for almost everything. Out of the box, Perl 6 support is rather limited. That’s why many people use editors like Atom for Perl 6 code.

What if with a few plugins you could configure vim to be a great Perl 6 editor? I made the following notes while configuring Vim on my main machine running Ubuntu 16.04. The instructions should be trivially easy to port to other distributions or Operating Systems. Skip the applicable steps if you already have a working vim setup (i.e. do not overwrite you .vimrc fil…

2016.08.20 23:17

Please test: first release of syntastic-perl6, a vim syntax checker

Vimlogo.svgI think that Perl 6, as a fairly new language, needs good tooling not only to attract new programmers but also to make the job of Perl 6 programmers more enjoyable. If you’ve worked with an IDE before, you certainly agree that syntax checking is one of those things that we take for granted. Syntastic-perl6 is a plugin that adds Perl 6 syntax checking in Vim using Syntastic. Syntastic is the leading Vim plugin for syntax checking. It supports many programming languages.

If the plugin proves to be useful, I plan on a parallel track for Perl 6 support in Vim. On one hand, this plugin will track th…

2016.08.20 21:16

Perl Jobs

Remote and ready to run. Remote Perl role in UK, United Kingdom (Perl Jobs by Perl Careers)

This role is hot off the (online) presses

Are you the go-to source for cool tech news in your friend group? If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in software and hardware, science, cloud services. electronics, robots, and tech culture, then we’ve found your happy place.

What began as a humble email newsletter is now one of the world’s leading online tech publications. Boasting more than 40 million readers in North America, Europe, and Asia, these journalistic dynamos have correspondents in America, Australia, Britain, and beyond. Thanks to their global presence, they know…

Software Engineer, Chicago, IL, United States / remote (Fairbanks, LLC)

Fairbanks, LLC, is a well established, high energy entrepreneurial firm. We specialize in public sector consulting with a major emphasis on Medicaid billing and Medicare claiming. Our goal is to help government agencies resourcefully and accurately maximize reimbursements.

The Software Engineer will provide technical services to project and client teams on a project basis. Primary focus is the delivery of on-­‐going support, maintenance, and new features of our applications. This role is instrumental in our ability to meet client needs and to maintain market leadership. 

What you will do.....


Perl Superheroes Wanted! Remote Perl within US time zone, USA remote (Perl Jobs by Perl Careers)

Does your boss treat you like a Perl superhero? If the answer is no, we’ve got a role open that’ll inspire you to leap a tall building with excitement. Best of all, this position is 100% remote, so feel free to work in a cape and leotard (or a t-shirt and shorts, if that’s more your thing).

As the leading provider of award-winning intelligent SaaS solutions for clients that include first responders, engineers, manufacturers, and educators, this organization’s comprehensive offerings include training management, continuing education, compliance training, safety management, and workforce schedul…

A Gem of a Perl role. Remote within UK, United Kingdom (Perl Jobs by Perl Careers)

Forget the carrot or the stick — you’re the sort of full-stack Perl developer who does a spectacular job because you want to, not because someone offers you a treat or a correction. The opportunity to wear multiple hats gets your blood pumping, and if you have a passion for online tech publications, this is the role for you.

With over 40 million readers around the globe, our client goes deep on cloud services, artificial intelligence, software, hardware, electronics, culture, and space. You’ve heard that big news is coming down the pipeline about UFOs: who do you think will know what’s out the…

Software Engineer for full-scale Perl apps; not just glue-scripting!, Houston, TX, USA (BookTrolls, LLC)

BookTrolls is looking to hire top-notch developers to help fuel our rapid expansion. This will not just be a software integration/automation position. We write enterprise-class TCP/IP servers and large, performant back-end applications from the ground up (where ground == CPAN). We write software for a wide range of business applications for (almost entirely internal) users; and both our culture and our development model are pretty informal. Hours are flexible. Our software team is small, fast, flexible, and growing; and we offer a greater degree of creative control and project ownership than y…

Multiple Remote Contracting Roles, Wherever you live (All Around the World)

With companies re-emerging from the pandemic, we have several projects we need developers for. All work is remote.

* A large client needs strong Perl developers across multiple teams. The work is diverse. Some teams need developers to modernize legacy code while others are writing new code for microservices, routing, and security tools. It’s hard to say exactly what Perl skills are needed as the technologies vary from project to project, but working knowledge of DBI and Mason are often useful.

* Another client needs assistance in migrating away from an unmaintained legacy ORM. Having a strong…

Software Engineer II, Overland Park, KS or Remote US (TreviPay)

At TreviPay, we help clients grow by streamlining B2B payments through a combination of innovative technology, service expertise, and working capital to improve their customer’s experience and free up funding for growth. We facilitate $6 billion in transactions per year in 18 currencies for customers in more than 27 countries. We specialize in payment and credit management for B2B companies across the globe, setting the stage for the future of omni-channel B2B payments by extending terms, handling invoicing and managing collections. We take care of our clients by taking care of their customers…

Do you speak two languages? Remote UK Perl role, UK remote (Perl Jobs by Perl Careers)

Programming polyglots, we want you

Here’s the deal; two heads are better than one, and two languages are — well, you get the idea. While our client has an ultra-modern Perl stack that was recently rewritten, they are gradually moving in the direction of Node.js. They have a role open for a senior developer to work with their existing Perl codebase, but if you happen to have a passing fluency in a second language like Node.js, you’d be a tr__è__s bon addition to their team.

More than one million happy customers have used this company’s award-winning product portfolio to make low-cost multi-curr…