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Updated Friday, 2013.05.03 07:02:01 PST


Interview with Pragmatic Perl in English
I was recently interviews to the Russian online Perl magazine Pragmatic Perl. It was a pleasure and truly an honor. The last issue just came out and…[more] 2013.05.02 4:33PM
Infinity Interactive tilts Perl crowdfunding drive
Infinity Interactive, the people who brought you Moose, contributed $313 USD to Specify module version ranges in Pinto to send the Crowdtilt campaign…[more] 2013.05.01 6:51PM
Problem Solving in Perl (or any programming language)
A recent posting on Perl Monks and one of the answers to it struck a chord with me. The question was “how do you convert code to a module?” and part…[more] 2013.05.01 2:09PM
Why You Should Help Crowd-fund Pinto
There are only a few more days left to chip in to sponsoring work on Pinto. If you're still unconvinced or haven't thought about it yet, let me give…[more] 2013.05.01 8:13AM
Profiling in Production
At, we're big fans of monitoring. With the usual battery of system-level monitors, we keep an eye on the health of our servers. As you…[more] 2013.05.01 7:00AM
April Showers bring... Network Outages
It hasn't rained in weeks near the datacenter, but April has ended with a network outage anyway. We're currently experiencing a lack of IP…[more] 2013.05.01 5:16AM
Perl and Open Government
For any interested in initiatives to make government data more accessible, I ran across an interesting API put out by Civic Impulse the GovTrack API…[more] 2013.05.01 2:02AM
Comparing Perl, Python, Ruby and PHP
You know I like useless statistics, right? So here are some: Comparing the ranking of Perl, Python, Ruby, and PHP related web sites. Once every few…[more] 2013.04.30 11:16PM
Contribute to Pinto through Paypal or Flattr
My experiment to crowd fund Jeff Thalhammer's Pinto development is going well. It's 87% of the way there. We need $503 to reach the campaign minimum…[more] 2013.04.30 4:53PM

Detect running under terminal (and get terminal emulator information) 2013.05.03 1:38PM
Parse::RPN Is a minimalist RPN parser/processor (a little like FORTH) 2013.05.03 1:38PM
Create a nice formatted table using extended ASCII and ANSI colors 2013.05.03 1:38PM
tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type constraint 2013.05.03 1:38PM
nested hashref serializable to the file 2013.05.03 1:38PM
More color themes 2013.05.03 1:38PM
HTTP proxy with the ability to inspect and modify content 2013.05.03 1:38PM
package a COPYRIGHT file with a distribution 2013.05.03 1:38PM
tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type constraint 2013.05.03 1:38PM
general purpose daemon 2013.05.03 1:38PM
Daemon handling XML-SOAP 2013.05.03 1:38PM
SOAP and WSDL, client side 2013.05.03 1:38PM
Compilation based XML processing 2013.05.03 1:38PM
check Bankwest accounts from Perl 2013.05.03 1:38PM
Very simple YouTube video download interface 2013.05.03 1:38PM